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The Barat Perhentian

Our Facilities

Their numerous activities available at the Perhentian Island, through which guests can have some fun and have a great time. You will find the activities like:


At the Perhentian Island, you will find various snorkeling spots such as Shark Point, Turtle point, and Rawa Island. All of these three points are at some close distance from one another. The Snorkeling activity is certainly must when you visit Palau Perhentian. The visitors can rent mask, camera, life jackets and snorkel items, which can be obtained from our Recreational Centre which is right at the beach.

Jungle Trekking / Sunset View

in the nature sightings of Pulau Pehentian, you will find monkeys, wild flowers, birds, kikos, colugos, monitor lizards, snakes, bats, and many other animals. With the assistance of our skilled guides, you will be able to see the flora and fauna along with the various areas of the island. You can also enjoy going up to the hills, laying on the beach, and watch the sun set, which will be the best part of your holidays.

Dive Center

At the Pulau Perhentian, you will get to have Leisure Dive at 30 dive sites and The Barat Dive Center provides you with the PADI Open Water Courses (OWC), Discovery Scuba Dive, and Advance OWC, as well. Average diving depth is approximately 18 meters and is ideal for both beginners and advance divers.

Health Therapy

For getting fresh after a hectic fun day, you can relax with our health therapy, ensures that a visit to us will be both relaxing and rejuvenating, allowing you to re-energize

The Barat Restaurant

Situated right next to the beach front overlooking the warm South China Sea and set with 40 tables, the restaurant at the resort offers excellent food, which would definitely appeal to your good sense of taste. Also, there is a lot of variety available at the restaurant's kitchen, including Western, Asian and local cuisines. This is so that no matter which part of the world you have travelled from, there would always be some dish at the restaurant that you would find acceptable and enjoying to eat. Seafood and BBQ are always the delight to most of our guests. Finger food and exotic drinks are also served during tea time.

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